OKZ0188024 – The Objective, Operation, and Exposure of X-Rays of the Spine (1 Credit)


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Unlike other parts of the body, the role of X-rays in imaging the spine has not become outdated, and they still play a large role in patients with suspected spine pathology. Whether in the emergency department, or in non-emergent cases as preliminary imaging, before moving on to more advanced and more expensive imaging procedures, radiographs of the spine are very useful in reaching a diagnosis or following up a patient.



Learning Objectives

After reviewing this article, the student should be able to:

  • Explain the protocols and procedures of spinal X-Rays.
  • Define the anatomy for a spinal X-Ray.
  • Identify the exposure of spinal X-Rays.
  • Understand the technique and pathology of spinal X-Rays.
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