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RADCEUS.COM online courses are ASRT approved with ARRT category A credits. Our service to you provides all courses and certificates online. There is no waiting for snail mail or looking through spam filters for emailed certificates. Our unique platform encompasses all facets in an environment that’s 100% online and available from any device. We provide immediate grading post-test and, upon passing the quiz, immediate certificates.


For ARRT license renewal, a total of 24 category A credits every biennium are needed. Many states accept ARRT credits accredited through the ASRT. However, some states have certain requirements beyond the ARRT scope. It is also the responsibility of the technologist to determine with their respective state agency if credits earned on RADCEUS.COM complies with said agency’s standards of accreditation. Below are states that have certain requirements unique to their location:





ASRT State List

Please contact your respective state agency to determine those requirements.


Currently, RADCEUS.COM is NOT accredited in the state of Florida.


RADCEUS.COM does not report credits to the ARRT. It is the responsibility of the technologist to report all credits earned via a CE report form provided by the ARRT. This should coincide with an application of registration renewal form, also provided by the ARRT. Please visit for further information regarding CE requirements.


RADCEUS.COM coursework taken resulting in credits earned cannot be duplicated and reported within the same biennium.   However, as of January 1st of 2016, the ARRT allows the same coursework and subsequent credits to be reported in consecutive bienniums.


For information regarding specific legal, licensing, or credit questions beyond what’s provided on this page, please contact ARRT or your state licensing agency.


Viewing The Website
While the website is fully responsive, we recommend a screen resolution of at least 1200px for optimal viewing. Also, to ensure complete functionality, please install the latest updates for the browser of your choice. Firefox would be our recommendation if you are undecided on the best option available.



To register, simply click on the signup link in the header or the signup button in the Login panel.

Fill all the details in the registration page and click on complete signup button at the bottom of the registration form.

After this, an email will be sent to the registered email address with an activation link.  Once the link is selected/clicked upon, the account will be created and active.

The user will be able to login using the login/password credentials entered in the registration form.

Profile Fields

After registration, the user may be required to fill in more details. To access the profile information, one can:

  1. Login to the site
  2. Click on View Profile link in the Login panel
  3. Click on Edit button to edit the profile.
  4. Enter the fields information and click on Update.

User Dashboard Functions

Once the account is created and the user is able to log in, there will be a profile specific dashboard that displays a number of areas.

  1. Courses: Shows the courses purchased along with results and stats.
  2. Activity: Shows website activity under a variety of display options.
  3. Profile: Shows the options to change field specific information.
  4. Notifications: Shows notifications list.
  5. Settings: Shows password options, email listing, visibility options, and the ability to delete your account.

Taking Courses

A registered user can browse through all the courses throughout the course directory. The course directory consists of a variety of courses under their respective subject matter. Each course line in the course directory shows the title of the course, a short description of the course, and the price of the course.

A registered user can use the search bar to search for a specific course or they can sort the course directory. Following are options available for sorting the directory:

  1. Alphabetical : Shows the courses in Alphabetical order.
  2. Newly Created : [Default] Shows the courses in Date published order.
  3. Most Members : Shows the courses in Student count order.

After deciding on a course, the user can simply click on the course name to see the course page.

The course page contains several details to better decide on which course to take, including vital information located on top right corner and course description shown on the course home page.

Purchasing A Course

To purchase the course, simply click on “Take the Course” button and be redirected to the cart where the purchase of the course can be made.  For the bundle price, simply select the designated link and be redirected to the cart where the purchase, again, can be made. You will receive an email as a follow-up after your purchase is made with helpful tips (also mentioned below). From the date of purchase (both individual and package purchases), you will have 90 days to complete and pass the quiz. Course material once purchased will be available without any time constraints. Again, only the quiz section has a 90 day window to complete after purchase.  Also, please allow up to 30 minutes for email receipt of purchase.

Starting a Course

Once the course has been purchased, access to the course and corresponding quiz will be available without any time limitation. PDF attachments for each course are available for download and/or printing.

Completing Courses

After a course has been finished (quiz included), the unit should be marked complete. Marking the unit as complete prior to completing the quiz may lock the user out from taking the quiz. To mark the unit as complete,  simply click on the link at the bottom of each course “Mark Unit Complete”. Once the activity is marked as complete, a check-mark will appear in place of “Mark Unit Complete”. Please note a course must be marked as complete in order to obtain the certificate post-quiz.

Taking a Quiz

While access to the course material does not expire, there is a 90 day window for taking the quiz from the day the course or bundle was purchased.

To begin a quiz, simply click on the Quiz in the course timeline on the bottom right side to begin the activity.  Upon clicking the link, the student is taken to the quiz interface where they can review the provided instructions and proceed with the quiz.

Resuming A Quiz

If the need arises to leave the quiz, one can rejoin the quiz at the section or location from which it was left.  There is no timer for quizzes.

Completing A Quiz

The Quiz can be submitted simply by clicking on the button, “Submit Quiz”.

Checking Answers

Once the quiz is submitted, one can check his/her marked answers by clicking on the “Check Quiz Results” button.

Grading & Certification

After reviewing the answers to the quiz and submitting it for grading, the system will automatically grade the quiz and a grade will be supplied.  If the grade is below 75%, two more opportunities will be provided to pass the quiz before having to repurchase the course. If the score is 75% or higher, a certificate will be generated and placed in your profile.

To access the certificate post-quiz, the course must be marked as complete. The site will then return to the course page and the certificate access will be provided with a link to select near the top center of the page.

To access the certificate outside of the course page at a later time, the user will need to select his/her name at the top right of the page to drop down a menu and select DASHBOARD.  Once in this location, select PROFILE on the lower left side. The VIEW tab should be the default option that opens.  It is here where all certificates can be located.

Helpful Tips:

To download the course as a PDF, go to the bottom of the course document itself with the cursor and select the download option from the popup bar.

To aid in the process of taking a quiz, use the search function in the PDF  course downloaded to help locate the information being addressed in the quiz.



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