OKZ0188004 – The Objective, Operation, and Exposure of MRI of the Chest (1 Credit)


MRI has always faced technical difficulties in imaging of the chest and heart, mainly due to the respiratory motion artifacts and the continuously-beating heart. Recently, these difficulties have been surpassed, and MRI plays a large role in imaging of the chest, even more so in imaging of the heart. With the ongoing development of more advanced imaging protocols, MRI of the heart and the chest are expected to have a larger role in imaging of cardiothoracic pathologies in the future.



Learning Objectives

After reviewing this article, the student should be able to:

  • Explain the protocols and procedures of chest MRIs.
  • Define the anatomy for a chest MRI.
  • Understand the safety of chest MRIs.
  • Identify the technique and pathology of chest MRIs.


Course Curriculum

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