When the idea was brought to me to write a blog for a professional education site, I balked.¬† It’s not that I couldn’t do it, or didn’t have time for it. I just wasn’t in the field of expertise that this place was about. I have written blog posts before, as well as journal articles, research papers, and the like, helped write a book as well.

I didn’t want to be stuck with just one topic. I wanted to write about anything and everything. To better illustrate what I have in mind, envision the work of Jackson Pollock. That encapsulates my mind. It’s all over the place. And that is what I didn’t want to lose in this blog for Radiology professionals. I wanted to break off into everything but the profession. I wanted a space to explore all facets of life. I wanted freedom to peruse any aspect that came to mind without hindrance. This is what I explained as to why I couldn’t write for this wonderful team of professionals that’s put together such a unique site.

To my actual surprise, they agreed with me.¬† They didn’t want rote subject matter or trite story lines. To be a bit obtuse, they wanted something “Beyond RAD.”

And so I begin this little journey as an experimental juxtaposition to the site itself. For those who have found my little nook and cranny, welcome. There is no set schedule.¬† There is no preconceived topics. There’s no word count to meet. Whatever I find exploring my mind is what you will find here.


To use a phrase of a well-known, WELCOME 2 THE DAWN!


June 1, 2018

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