About Us

We are health industry professionals in the Radiology and IT world who have decades-worth of experience in our respective fields. We know all about the constraints of life’s activities and how hard it is to find time to take care of professional development. You want a place that fits with TODAY’S standards and expectations of the modern professional.


Our site has you in mind with its functionality and content. Conceived with a simple layout and uniquely designed options, time won’t be wasted trying to find links and locations to get you to the content you want. It’s everything you need and nothing you don’t. In addition, we ask that you explore the site as time allows. You might find something Beyond Rad.


Our X-Ray, CT, and MRI courses are designed for online reading via PC, laptop, tablet, phone, or whatever electronic device you prefer with the available option of viewable/printable PDFs for study and review. Our tests are entirely multiple choice with straight forward questioning and answers. Our repository of storage allows you to keep your certificates in a secure, central place online under your unique profile and accessible from all electronic devices as needed with printable functionality. Our payment options include most major credit cards as well as the Paypal online format.


Welcome to the 21st century of CE’S for a new generation of Radiology professionals.


Instant access.

Instant grading.

Instant certifications.

Affordable price.

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